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Mushatt’s No.9 Skin Care formulae were developed in the 1920’s in Dublin by two pharmaceutical brothers, Louis and Harry Mushatt and have been used to help thousands of people suffering from skin problems. Indeed, generations of Irish people have sworn by the Mushatt’s brothers’ traditional remedies and their range of skin care products are now available through pharmacies across Ireland. Each formula contains a wide range of natural moisturising factors, coupled with botanical extracts and natural oils.

Skin problems are very common, usually consisting of some degree of dryness, giving rise to cracked, broken, itchy and scaling skin. Inflammation is also common, leading to redness, pain and swelling.

With its unique blend of natural moisturising agents, the Mushatt’s No. 9 regime has been proven to hydrate even the most dried out skin with the natural action of willowbark and tea tree oil. Use of the products helps to soothe the skin and bring relief to the user. Mushatt’s No. 9 products can be used in conjunction with any prescribed medication or other recommendation from your health professional.


Macwash is a natural, non-foaming herbal cleanser formulated for maximum re-hydration of dry skin. It leaves skin feeling refreshed, clean and soft. Macwash replaces conventional, detergent-based soaps and gels for bathing and showering. Macwash is “nature in a bottle”, containing the natural antiseptic and softening components, tea tree oil, evening primrose oil, Aloe Vera, urea, horse chestnut & vitamin E extract and chamomile oil, all combining as a moisturizing cleanser that will leave your skin silky smooth.

Skin Lotion

Skin Lotion is a soothing lotion with natural moisturizing factors to help with minor skin irritation and dryness. It contains ten natural ingredients (urea, grape seed oil, almond oil, evening primrose oil, tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, allantoin and horse chestnut & vitamin E extract) in a nourishing moisturising base.

Skin Cream

Skin Cream contains a unique blend of essential oils (grape seed, almond, evening primrose, tea tree and chamomile) and other components (aloe vera, vitamin E, allantoin and horse chestnut & vitamin E extract) in a soothing emollient base to help promote the skin’s natural balance. It is this combination of natural ingredients that helps with moderate skin irritation and dry skin conditions.

Sealer Ointment

Sealer Ointment is used to help with severe skin irritation and dryness. Sealer Ointment seals the skin and acts as a base to allow time for the active ingredients to work. It contains the natural antiseptic, softening and healing agents, tea tree oil, urea, aloe vera, chamomile oil, horse chestnut & vitamin E extract and willowbark.

Intensive Skin Ointment

Intensive Skin Ointment is specifically formulated to be used on thick, crusted, flaky skin. It contains the natural healing agents, willowbark and urea, and other natural components (evening primrose oil, aloe vera, zinc, tea tree oil and chamomile oil) in a moisturizing base.

Intensive Facial Care

Intensive Facial Cream provides an alternative to Intensive Skin Ointment for use on the face. While the Intensive Skin Ointment can also be used on the face, many people prefer the lighter, non-greasy base of the Intensive Facial Cream for this exposed area. It contains the natural oils, tea tree and chamomile, in a moisturizing base.

Intensive Scalp Cream

Intensive Scalp Cream helps with dry, cracked and flaky skin on the scalp. Like the Intensive Skin Ointment, it contains the natural healing agents, willowbark, urea and zinc, in an effective moisturising base.

Scalp & Hair Shampoo

This anti-dandruff shampoo uses a unique blend of natural moisturising and healing agents, urea, willowbark, tea tree oil and chamomile oil, in a shampoo base for deep action cleansing. Scalp & Hair Shampoo revitalises the scalp.

Scalp & Hair Conditioner

Scalp & Haircare Conditioner contains a unique blend of natural ingredients including Lavender oil and vitamin E, to promote healthy scalp and hair.